Baked Goods

Cake prices are individually quoted, based on flavor, details, and size.

Cupcakes:                                                                 $3 each, or

                                                                                  $35 per dozen

Mini-Cupcakes:                                                         $2 each, or

                                                                                  $22 per dozen


Chocolates & Confections

(Applies to most sweets)

1-10 pieces:                                                              $2.25 each, up to 2 varieties

11 or more pieces:                                                    $2.00 each up to 3 varieties, with 1 additional kind for every additional 10 pieces

30 or more pieces:                                                    10% discount



Other Confections

(Including Toffees, Fudge & Brittles)

$1.25 per ounce, minimum of 6 ounces

$1.35 per ounce, mimimum of 6 ounces when covered in chocolate and/or nuts




Personalized Packaging

Ask for details. Available for Chocolates & Confections.