Chocolate Truffles

          Simple. Delicious. Chocolate ganache covered in more (dark) chocolate.

Raspberry Truffles

          Tangy raspberry defines this sweet, complemented by a bittersweet chocolate enrobing.

Orange Marmalade Truffles

          Orange marmalade is used to flavor this dark chocolate truffle, creating a tart taste sensation.

Almond Amaretto Truffles

          Flavored with both marzipan and Amaretto, this dark chocolate truffle is for almond enthusiasts.

Malt Ganache with Honeycomb Brittle

          A malt-flavored center rolled in crunchy-yet-chewy honeycomb, which is then enrobed in chocolate.

Key Lime and Coconut White Truffles

          Like Key Lime Pie? Then this is for you: cream infused with fresh lime zest and coconut, enrobed in white chocolate and rolled in coconut   


Melting Mint Patties

          Creamy, chewy, melt-in-your-mouth peppermint cream enrobed in rich, smooth, dark chocolate.

Brown Sugar Squares

          Creamy brown sugar is enrobed in bittersweet chocolate.

Rum Cake Truffles

          Adults only: rum-saturated cake is enrobed in dark chocolate, topped with a marzipan garnish.


          Vanilla marshmallow layered on top of buttery caramel, then covered in dark chocolate.

Absolutely Nuts Bon Bon

         Creamy almond marzipan enlivened with pecans, finished with a dark chocolate enrobing.

Orange Blossom Bliss

         If you like orange blossoms, this is your nirvana: a milk chocolate center is accented with orange blossom water, then spiced with a bit of Grand Marnier.

The Habano

         In this double-decker, the habano pepper-infused dark chocolate bottom is balanced by a layer of cool mango white chocolate above.

Dark and Stormy

         Just like the drink, this ginger infused chocolate has a splash of rum in it, giving it a kick.